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Can the gastric band be the solution to diabetes?

Gastric band surgery has revolutionised the way people lose weight and beat obesity, but now it has become even more remarkable. Doctors in Melbourne have conducted a world first clinical trial which has had stunning success in the battle against type 2 diabetes. The trial saw three quarters of the patients treated completely wipe out their diabetes, which is a huge success considering the 275 new cases of diabetes that are diagnosed in Australia every day.

Gastric band surgery is a minimally invasive procedure where a band is placed around the top of the stomach to reduce the amount of food that can be consumed. It is a safe and effective way to reduce weight and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It is also a great way to improve quality of life and reduce the risk of other health complications associated with obesity.

The clinical trial in Melbourne has shown that gastric band surgery can be a successful way to treat type 2 diabetes, and it is sure to be a lifesaver for many people.

The video follows Bruce Venables, a well-known actor and author who has had type 2 diabetes for eight years. He has to check his vital signs and take a stack of pills every day, and his next step is a desperate one – gastric band surgery. He has reservations about the surgery, but feels he has no other choice. Watch and comment.

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