Dr Berg lists the 7 Foods that RUIN your Liver

In this video, Dr Eric Berg raises awareness on the 7 foods that can ruin the liver. This is important because many people are exposed to these items on a regular basis without realizing they could lead to liver illness. We understand in the video that the health of a person’s liver is reflective of the health of their skin. The liver is a three pound organ that helps with digestion, blood clotting, and detoxification.

The doctor starts the list with soy protein isolates as the first thing to avoid at all cost isolates. This is because to isolate the protein from soy, chemicals and a petroleum byproduct called hexane are used. This is not good for the liver and can be found in products like diet shakes, diet powders, protein bars, and veggie burgers.

Another item he mentioned is fructose. High fructose corn syrup, fructose in fruit, agave nectar, and table sugar all contain fructose. He explained that this sugar is metabolized by the liver and can lead to fatty liver. Though fructose is low on the glycemic index, it is still not healthy for the liver.

Whats are the rest of the 7 items? Please watch the video to find out.

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