Is Your Doctor Wrong About Cholesterol – Dr. Sten Ekberg investigates

In this video, Dr Sten, on his YouTube channel, says cholesterol has been misunderstood and poorly dealt with for the last 50 years. He said this has accounted for the fear and worry surrounding the topic. 

The video asserts that many people are making healthier lifestyle choices, losing weight, and improving their overall health, but their doctors still advise them to revert to a low-fat diet if their LDL cholesterol is too high. It is believed that LDL cholesterol is bad cholesterol, but he thinks this is not necessarily true.

He advises that it is more important to make an informed decision about cholesterol and to understand the true factors of what is really going on. It is not always necessary to have a statin drug prescription if the total cholesterol is over 200, or if the

The video further says that studies have shown that higher cholesterol is actually associated with lower all-cause mortality and better cognitive function in later years. There is also no good evidence to suggest that statins improve longevity or help people live longer. Side effects are a guarantee with statin drugs, and should be considered when making a decision.

Please watch the video for the full information.

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