Top Business Trends in Africa for Aspiring Investors – by Dr Harnet

YouTuber Dr Harnet shares a very interesting list of trends and business ideas for aspiring investors in Africa.

According to her, the top trends/ business models every potential African investor should be aware of include:

1. Climate Change Inspired Solutions and Products – especially those tailored to the needs of Africans
The businesses you can pursue in this are include:

  • Manufacturing green building material
  • Offer green transport solutions
  • Social enterprises: tree planting

2. Afrocentrism
More and more Africans abroad are looking inwards towards investing or living back home. Most African families want their offspring to have proper grounding in the culture and tradition of Africa. Not only that, they want them to get first hand information about what Africa really is – not the image fed by the media.

Businesses in this area include:

  • Offer Cultural training
  • Specialise in Afrocentric Interior design
  • Afrocentric branding – supply branded products focused on African heritage

3. National Tourism
This is a bit related to the previous. The focus is on the provision of guided tours of the great continent. Business include, among others:

  • African Weekend Adventure trips
  • Corporate trips for team building
  • Summer School trips, scout trips and children activities to Africa

4. Healthy Eating and Lifestyle
Organic food. Clean Living environments away from pollution – these are just a couple of the benefits of living in Africa. The relatively unpolluted, natural environments is a great business opportunity in itself. Others are:

  • Open a Gym or Yoga retreat
  • Sell locally sourced super foods
  • Medical Tourism company
  • Produce organic fertilizers

5. Discover new African Supply Chains
Capitalise on this via any of the following businesses:

  • Produce organic packaging
  • Export/ import dry fruits
  • Design a transport App
  • Start a Dairy farm

These are just 5 of the ideas in the video. Watch it for all the juicy information.

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